Auger Tools Continuous Flight Augers & Bits

Bulldog head

Mining Bit

Auger Retriever

D-P Rock Head

StingerTM Bit

Finger Bit Type Multi-Purpose

Two-Piece Fishtail Head with Carbide Tips

Auger Hoisting Assembly

Hollow Stem Augers & Cutterheads

Coring Tools

Spring Latch Core Barrel Assembly

Spring Latch Head Assembly

Head Assembly

Construction Bits

Concrete and Asphalt Diamond Core Bit

Conventional Core Barrel Assembly

Drill Rods & Subs

Drill Rod


Adapter - Hex Shank to Hex Box


Adapter - Hex Shank to Rod Pin For Sideport Water Swivels

Adapter - Hex Shank to Rod Box

Sub - Blank

Sub - Rod Pin to Rod Pin

Sub - Rod Box to Rod Box

Sub - Rod Box to Rod Pin

Drill Rod Tap Outside

Drill Rod Tap Inside

Drill Bits & Accessories

Wing Bits

Tri Cone Roller Bit

Drag Bit

Pipe Handling & Hoisting

Rod Ring

Ball Bearing Hoisting Plug

Rod Hook

Fishing Tools

Drill Rod Recovery Caps

Drill Rod Tap: Outside

Drill Rod Tap: Inside

Pump & Spares

Progressive Cavity Pump

Triplex Pumps

Piston Pumps

Swivels & Spares

Sideport Water Swivel

Water Swivel

Heavy Duty Swivel

Drilling Fluids, Grouts & Additives


Well Pack Sand

Silica Sand

PVC Pipe & Accessories

Flush Thread

Stainless Steel Pipe & Accessories

Flush Thread

Hole Sampling & Monitoring

Hand Augers

Pocket Penetrometer

Probe All Rubber Coated T-Handle


White PVC Bailers

Stainless Steel Bailers

Disposable Bailers

Water Level Indicators

Inclinometer Casing

Casing Anchors

Grout Valves

Well Completion & Protection



Square Well Protectors

Locking Well Plugs

Master Locks

Dolphins Locks

Sample Boxes

Waxed card board boxes

Wood Sample Boxes